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Recalculate row heights in DynaRanges on any report change

When you have a DynaRange with automatic row height, and you change some combobox in the report which the DynaRange does not depend on, but e.g. some PALO.DATA() formula inside of it does, this can cause e.g. longer, wrapped texts to not be fully ...
11 months ago in Jedox Platform / Jedox Web 0 Future consideration

Autofill doesn't scroll the sheet when reaching the bottom or right edge

Like other spreadsheets, Jedox Web spreadsheets offer the "autofill" functionality. The user can drag the "fill handle" at the bottom-right corner of a selected cell, to adjacen sheet cells; when releasing the mouse, those cells are automatically ...
12 months ago in Jedox Platform / Jedox Web 0 Future consideration

Operate workflow steps on consolidated level

As a power user of the Financial Consolidation model I want to proceed (or restart, see related idea)) multiple workflow steps at once so that I don't have to repeat this multiple times. This should be possible on any aggregated element above the ...

Restart workflow step

As a power user of the Financial Consolidation model I want to reset a single scope (being a workflow step in the Consolidation workflow) or a single legal entity (being a workflow step in the Separate Financial Statement Collection workflow) so t...

Balance sheeet projection for the Integrated Financial Planning model

Implement a balance sheeet projection comparable within or compatible to the Integrated Financial Planning model. The projection should work as the Projected Balance Sheet model but should support the Partner Entity dimension.

Protect cube cells in the Financial Consolidation model on database level for completed workflow activities

In the current implementation workflow (including the protection of changing cell values and executing procedures) is implemented in designed web reports. Users using views, the Excel add-in or other methods to access database cells can bypass the...

Capture inventory by products to compute unrealized profit by products

Extend the storage to capture inventory from intercompany trades by products or product groups. Data should be captured from input screens. Capture percentage margin by a percentage margin by the legal entity, partner entity and product combinatio...

White-labeling / OEM support

In addition to current support (motd and custom login page), Jedox should also support "white-labeling"; add support to exchange visual references to Jedox e.g. Jedox logo with custom graphics. This should be supported across the product, starting...
about 3 years ago in Jedox Platform / Other 0 Not Planned

Add support for larger sheet size

Currently Jedox Spreadsheet supports Workbooks with Sheet dimensions compatible with Excel 2003 - 256 columns (A-IV), 65535 rows. Newer Excel Version (2007+) support 16384 colums and 1048576 rows. Such workbooks can be loaded into Jedox Web but th...
about 3 years ago in Jedox Platform / Other 1 Not Planned