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Status Future consideration
Workspace Jedox Platform
Created by Guest
Created on Oct 18, 2022

Better user management in the ODATA HUB

The possibilities to influence user authorisation in the ODATA Hub are currently very limited. When it comes to integrating Jedox into an existing data architecture, the ODATA Hub with the REST interface is a good option. However, it is currently not really possible to restrict the authorisation of a user on the API endpoint with the access options. If you want to expose a field transform in the integrator, the user has direct access to various components here. The permissions that go beyond this are currently not displayed transparently.

    Nov 18, 2022

    Thank you for your great idea. While we cannot commit to a specific target version, we will consider adding it to our future internal backlog. If you can add further information about the context of this feature, please add it here so we can evaluate it more fully.

  • Guest
    Nov 14, 2022

    I would even like to have the option of using a technical user who cannot even dial into Jedox, but can only consume data from certain endpoints via ODATA Hub. In the context of enterprise, there are third-party systems that are supposed to consume data from Jedox in a pull procedure without the user being able to log into the system and read several endpoints for data transfer.

    Such a user must be administrated in a good way in terms of access rights.

  • Admin
    Niklas Gromann
    Nov 14, 2022

    The idea is a bit unclear to us. Do you mean to restrict someone's access only to the OData Hub, so that someone can see a Field Transform in the OData Hub, but cannot see and edit it in the Integrator?