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Status Future consideration
Workspace Jedox Platform
Categories Jedox Web
Created by Guest
Created on Dec 16, 2022

Time editor: Parallel hierarchy for dummy year elements 2022-~ and 2022-00

Current solution: Currently using the time edior to add the dummy elements 2022-~ and 2022-00, etc. will result in a hierarchy "All months > 2022 > 2022-01, 2022-02, .., 2022-~, 2022-00". This result leads to the issue that it is not possible to splash a number on the year element 2022. It will be devided by 14 months instead of 12 months.

Request: A great solution is to create the all months hierarchy without the dummy elements 2022-~ and 2022-00 and additionally a parallel hierarchy with the dummy elements. In that case as a user I can still splash the number on 2022 year level. And I can see the summary by selecting the parallel hierarchs like "2022-Y~00" with the dummy elements here.

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