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Created by Guest
Created on Jun 14, 2024

Dynatables/NewViews - Show ID_Name and Name at the front

In 99% of the cases the user would like to show the ID & Name instead of the Element name only. Example: PnL Accounts: I want to view 500000 - Statistics instead of only 500000.

Currently I have a long list of attributes sorted in alphabetical order which means the attribute "Name" and "ID_Name" are somewhere in the middle of the list and it is a struggle to search for it.

Those behaviors are mostly needed for dimensions like:
Legal Entity (e.g. 11 - Best Bikes GmbH),
Cost center (e.g. 4890 - Marketing),
Employee (1234 - John Doe),
PnL Account (305000 - Profit),
BS Account (4000 - Assets),

Currently by default it would show only the number and I need to search for the attribute name.

  • Guest
    Jun 26, 2024

    I think this goes also quite well together with another request: to have a "real" alias (unique). An option to combine the code and this unique alias as a default alias as default view/alias