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Status Future consideration
Workspace Jedox Platform
Created by Guest
Created on Jul 2, 2019

Move buttons, charts, comboboxes etc. with arrow keys

The efficiency of final report layouting could be improved: Positioning of buttons, charts, comboboxes via mouse is not exact enough. Positioning of buttons, charts, comboboxes via the control properties dialog is to inefficient if you have to align multiple controls. Therefore it would be great to have the possibility to move those objects via arrow keys on the keyboard in a fine granular way.
  • Guest
    Jun 26, 2020

    We are considering changes to form object interactions.

    Also, are you aware that you can use alt+drag to snap to the cell grid? The object then automatically aligns to the cell that it is on.

  • Guest
    Jul 2, 2019
    YES !!!! Because it is a nightmare to align controls with the mouse. Is it possible to size controls with CTRL + ARROW also ?