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Addin 365: Expand/ Collapse - supress Addin window

If I expand or collapse rows or columns, the addin window appears and disappears during the performance. It would be great, if that window could be supressed.

Canvas: Standard filter behavior instead of variables

Canvas is a great approach to build reports state-of-the-art without the need of spreadsheet logic. However, there are some things, that are inherited from the Excel/spreadsheet logic, that make things only complicated. Such as variables. If I bui...
5 days ago in Jedox Platform / Canvas 3 Future consideration

Canvas - KPI cards - show attribute values

I would like to show an attribute value in a KPI card. Currently I can only show data cubes and not attribute cubes.
6 days ago in Jedox Platform / Canvas 0 Future consideration

IFP - Add loan planning

Add loan planning to the IFP model. It would be great to add as it is a part of the balance sheet it should be added. Loans result in interest charges in the PnL. Intercompany loans could be included too.
7 days ago in Jedox Best Practice Accelerator (BPA) / Integrated Financial Planning 0 Future consideration

PDF page break after dynarange element

it would be very usefull for report distribution to be able to specify a page break setting after each dyanrange element. E.g. you generate a list of cost centers with according accounts underneath -> after each cost center there should be a pa...
8 days ago in Jedox Platform / Web Spreadsheet 1 Future consideration

Enable copying connections details from cloud console to 365 add-in

If you copy your connection details from the cloud console, you could paste them into the Excel Add-in. This isn't possible anymore - and I think never worked - in the new Add-in for Excel 365. Please implement this for the new add-in, because oth...

Keep full trace in audit trail.

When planning functions such as splashing or copy are used, the audit trail does not keep a complete record of what has been entered. For example, executing the following command “copy Actual;2023” only records the following NUMERIC_VALUE: 12345,...
12 days ago in Jedox Platform / In-Memory DB 0 Future consideration

Anomaly detection

Anomaly detection in financial consolidation is the process of using AI and machine learning to identify unusual patterns within the data used to combine financial statements from different parts of a company. This helps pinpoint potential errors,...
13 days ago in Jedox Platform / AI & Automation 0 Future consideration

Allow for Centralised Administration of Connections in Excel 365 Add-In

From, the app can be centrally deployed. The idea request is for the connections to also be centrally administered.

Make projections on the payroll, changes in HR grids or tax relief

From an actual or budgeted HR base, make projections on the payroll, changes in HR grids or reductions in charges would be interesting instead of fill in the salary by employee.