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Make initial HR demo data more robust

For initial demo purposes a more robust initial data load would be extremely helpful in selling the model. Whether it is prepopulated or the SA can walk through loading it, there needs to be more date across significantly more period. This is so t...
2 months ago in Jedox Best Practice Accelerator (BPA) / Human Resources 2 Future consideration

When someone created a schedule, it should also be added somewhere in the logs so that it will be easy to create within the organization if we have more than one person with admin accounts

Hi Team, Recently I encounter an issue, where someone with admin account created a schedule job with changed time and username, due to audit purpose we need to identify how did that as we have more than one account having admin rights. But as jedo...
11 days ago in Jedox Platform / Other 1 Future consideration

Import custom fonts into Jedox

It should be possible to import your own fonts into Jedox. This would be necessary as part of the corporate design specifications.
11 days ago in Jedox Platform / Charting & Visualization 1 Future consideration

Safe-mode when opening a report fails or is slow

When opening a report fails or is too slow, for example, due to a macro running on startup, it would be helpful to have a safe mode to open the report ignoring actings, macros, etc. This could help fix the report.
11 days ago in Jedox Platform / Web Spreadsheet 0 Future consideration
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Support more than 2 nested Dynaranges

In order to easily maintain complex print reports, I would need up to 5 nested Dynaranges in one report. One of the latest requirements could use 3 nested vertical Dynaranges with 2 horizontal ones intersecting only the inner vertical Dynarange (t...
almost 5 years ago in Jedox Platform / Jedox Web Navigation 5 Future consideration

Canvas - button - set stylesheet in one place

Thank you for adding buttons to the native canvas components. Great archievement. Here an idea to add even more value: as an implementation expert I have to style each button in every canvas report. It would be more beneficial to define one or thr...
5 months ago in Jedox Platform / Canvas 2 Future consideration

User warning on changes in Report Management

The user is confused, when adding a new report, or published an existing one, that the report does not show in the menu. When a user adds new reports or publishes existing ones, the user wants to get a pup-up message with a hint that the user must...
about 2 months ago in Jedox Best Practice Accelerator (BPA) / Foundation 1 Future consideration

Make "PALO.SERVER_SUBSET()" available in dynamic elements

At the moment, you have to use the option "Formula" with the formula "PALO.SERVER_SUBSET()" when using a global subset as a source for dynamic elements (dynaranges, comboboxes, etc) that should adapt to any change of the global subset. It would be...
12 days ago in Jedox Platform / Web Spreadsheet 2 Future consideration

Display and download log files of the mobile app

In the olap Plan & Forecast App there was a functionality that you could double-tap and then swipe on the starting screen with two fingers and then the logs of the mobile app were displayed. There were additional two buttons to be able to send...
about 2 months ago in Jedox Platform / Mobile App 0 Future consideration

Text hyperlinks/action in dynaranges

The ability to add a text hyperlink into a dynarange exists and one is able to add an action, however it cannot refer to dynamic cells in the dynarange, therefore it is not dynamic. This could be a first iteration of this idea,
7 months ago in Jedox Platform / Jedox Web Navigation 0 Future consideration