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Status Future consideration
Workspace Jedox Platform
Categories In-Memory DB
Created by Guest
Created on Oct 16, 2023

Default Setting of Active Audit

It would be useful to have a setting option to activate audit for all cubes and database. Especially for customers where audit is a requirement, it is easier if this setting can be checked instead of having to remember to set the audit for all cubes.

I know a workaround to set it via ETL or rules is an option for now.


I want to set somewhere to say all cubes should have audit active.

So if a new cube is created, it will automatically have the audit active.

  • Admin
    Stefan Veličković
    Oct 20, 2023

    Hi Jana,

    Let me confirm what you are referring to.

    Would you like to be able to choose the possibility that all cubes from all databases are tracking audits at the same time?

    We have something close (2023.2) to it where you can choose multiple cubes from the same database and make them auditing at the same time.

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