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Workspace Jedox Core Models
Created by Guest
Created on Sep 27, 2021

Mapping tables for the Bring Balances Forward procedure

The current Bring Balances Forward procedure maps the T999 Closing transaction type from the prior reporting period always to T000 Opening of the current reporting period. All balance sheet accounts are always brought forward to the indentical account in the new reporting period.

To support a more flexible configuration (e.g. multiple opening and closing balances in Transaction Type dimension) a list of multiple transaction type mappings is required.

The mapping of balance sheet accounts should be refined by a table of exceptional mappings, e.g. to map the Current Year Earnings account from the prior period to the Retained Earnings account in the current reporting period.

  • Guest
    Mar 3, 2022

    At the moment we envision to map the balances brought forward in the BS Account (or BS Account (Segment)) and in the Transaction Type dimension. All other dimensions are intended to keep unchanged. The Bring Balances Forward procedure does only apply to the Local GAAP member[1,2,3] and the results are stored on this member, too.

    Do you have a use case for which a mapping to another member of the Consolidation dimension is needed? Wouldn't a separation of opening balances and movements to different members break the closing balances in these levels?

    [1] The Bring Balances Forward procedure would also apply to additional custom source level elements when this idea gets implemented

    [2] The Bring Balances Forward procedure does not apply to manual journal entries in the Adjustment 1, Transition or Correction or Adjustment 2 levels. You can use the Permanent Journal Entries feature in these levels

    [3] The Bring Balances Forward procedure does not apply to the duplication of capital consolidation journal entries, which is done in the Consolidation procedure.

  • Guest
    Mar 2, 2022

    I generally agree that it would be nice to add more flexibility to this functionality making it possible to select a target account and a target consolidation member to use when bringing balances forward.

  • Admin
    Jochen Heßler
    Feb 25, 2022

    This idea has not received any votes yet, but has been highlighted in some conversations. I wonder if the idea is described correctly here. Please use your vote and the comment box to represent your request appropriately.