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Status Planned
Workspace Jedox Platform
Created by Guest
Created on Nov 29, 2023

choose the column dimension in Drill By

Drill By is a great new function to jump into an ad hoc analysis from anywhere.

At the moment, the dimension that is displayed on columns is predefined in the view. Which dimension is displayed as the column dimension is determined by the rules described below.

I would like the column dimension to be freely selectable.

The column dimension is determined based on dimension type. If none of the desired dimension types is available, the first available dimension is placed on columns instead. I.e., the ranking order is:

  1. dimension of type Version (dimension properties)

  2. dimension that is assigned as type Time in cube (cube properties)

  3. dimension of type Time (dimension properties)

  4. dimension that is assigned as type Measure in cube (cube properties)

  5. dimension of type Measure (dimension properties)

  6. first available dimension

    Dec 1, 2023

    Thanks for this idea. We think it is a good one.

    We plan to introduce full pivoting capabilities, which will allow full flexibility in placing dimensions on columns or rows.

    Furthermore, with our latest release 2023.4, you can already switch the column dimension by using Cross Drill Down through the right click context menu.