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Microsoft Office integrations (Excel, PowerPoint, & Word)

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undo and reset view options in Jedox excel add-in

It would be nice to have Undo and reset view buttons in excel add-in for reports. I understand that there is already an Undo button in the add-in but that is more for planning I guess. What we need is an undo button for the steps that users perfor...
5 months ago in Jedox Platform / Microsoft Office integrations (Excel, PowerPoint, & Word) / Views 0 Future consideration

Excel Add-in for Mac version

With Mac getting so prevalent in the business environment, Jedox Excel Add-in should work in the Mac environment as well as the MS OS. This feature is probably more important than working in Google sheets

Search and select all matching elements in "Paste elements" dialog

Add functionality to search and select all matching elements in "Paste elements" UI from Jedox Web. An intuitive syntax will be *name*

Add ability to Influence which sheets are included in XLSX snapshot

The export of the whole workbook should then be the non-default option. A common use case is to export the single sheet that you are on. Would be good to have an option for sheets to exclude/include them from snapshot export.

Show cube description in Jedox Excel add-in when using Jedox Web Dialogue

When users utilize the standard dialogues (not the Jedox Web Dialogue) and hover their mouse pointer over a cube in the "paste view" dialog while selecting cubes, they can view the cube's description. This feature greatly enhances the user experie...

String Editor For Jedox Add-in for Excel 365

Using the legacy Jedox Excel add-in, when double-clicking on a cell with formula with a string value, you will have a string editor box to edit the string/text value. However when using the Jedox Excel add-in 365, when double-clicking on...

Action Buttons in Excel

the new actions capabilities in combo boxes are very powerful. We should have a similar capability to add a Jedox Action button in Excel. This button at the very least should allow the kicking off of an ETL process. Lots of other things possible a...
almost 3 years ago in Jedox Platform / Microsoft Office integrations (Excel, PowerPoint, & Word) 0 Future consideration

Creating a Excel Add-in connection from Jedox Web

To improve the On-Boarding of the Excel Add-in, we could add the possibility to create Excel Add-In Connections using Jedox Web. E.g. in the Info Menu of Jedox Web, there should be a link that when clicked opens the Excel Add-In and creates the co...

Filtering in Views: use Alias Format

In Views, rows can be filtered by an attribute value (or Alias). However, if the user picked a Alias format (such as "Element name (Alias"), this can lead to result whioch might be unexpected. For example, when filtering for "start with" + some ch...

PALO.DATA.SOURCE Identify Rule-based values/cells

PALO.DATA.SOURCE Identify rule-based values/cells Function to identify, if a value is calculated or stored in the database. This enables dynamic reports where a conditional formatting opens cells for data entry ONLY if they are actually stored...